Exciting Events. All Season Long.

AAU Hawaii provides a unique mix of tournaments, events, and rewards, with an exciting point-system that challenges the teams for great competition and a lot of fun.

How does playing volleyball inside of a shopping mall in front of thousands of fans sound like?

Hawaii Club Volleyball Championship
5/30 – 6/1/24

* Only selected locations and dates will have live streaming.

2024 AAU Hawaii Season Trailer

The Best-of-the-Best

Hawaii Club Volleyball Championship

Girls 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U
Top 8 Teams in Each Division

Earn a chance to compete in the most prestigious club volleyball event in the State of Hawaii. Where the top 8 teams in the state in each age group will compete in a series of best-of-5 sets matches, to crown the Hawaii Club Volleyball Champions. The Final championship match will take place inside of the Windward Mall in an unique and electrifying environment, with 100s of volleyball enthusiasts and curious shoppers.

May 30-31, 2024: Quarter and Semi Finals
at Various Local Gyms

June 1, 2024: Championship Games
at Windward Mall, Center Court

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Earn Points Throught the Season

Qualifying Events

Each qualifying event will earn you points with a specific multiplier for your overall ranking for the season. The points collected depends on the number of events you participate in, the type of event, and your finish within your division

TransPacific Volleyball Championships

January 13-15, 2024
Hawaii Convention Center
Gils & Boys 12U-18U
3x Points (Tier 1)

Shaka Classic

February 17-19, 2024
Hawaii Convention Center
Girls & Boys 12U-18U
2x Points (Tier 2)

SPAM® Slam

March 2-3, 2024
Hawaii Convention Center
Girls 12U-18U
2x Points (Tier 2)

Shave Ice Cup

April 6-7, 2024
Hawaii Convention Center
Girls 12U-18U
2x Points (Tier 2)

Oceanic Open Championship

May 4-5, 2024
Hawaii Convention Center
Girls 12U-18U
3x Points (Tier 1)

The Luau

Hawaii’s Largest Grass Volleyball Tournament
July 21, 2024
Kailua District Park
Adults Men and Women A/AA, B/BB, Industry co-ed, and Youth 12U-18U Divisions
(This is not an AAU Tournament)

Winners Get Even More with AAU Hawaii

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Winners Receive Free* Entry to AAU Nationals

In 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U Divisions

Winners of Tier 1 and Tier 2 events receive a FREE* entry into the AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL (boys’ and girls’ divisions), the West Coast Championships in Las Vegas, NV (girls’ divisions only), or the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ (girls’ divisions only).

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How does it Work?

The Exciting Point-System

At the heart of AAU Hawaii volleyball season is a very exciting point system that gives your team a lot of opportunities and challenges them to excellence. Each qualifying event will earn you points towards the AAU Hawaii Ranking. At the end of the season, the top 8 teams in each division will be invited to participate in the Hawaii Club Volleyball Championship event, the most prestigious youth sporting event in the state, where the Final championship match will be played at the Center Court, inside of Windward Mall in Kaneohe.

The number of points earned in each qualifying event will be determined based on your finish in your division at that event and the number of participating teams in your division. The points will then be multiplied by the tournament’s multiplier. For example, the TransPacific Volleyball Championships is a 3X Points event, with 60 teams in your division, first place in the division will get 60 points, and last place in the division will earn 1 point (2nd place is 59, 3rd is 58, etc). Those points will then be multiplied by the tournament multiplier (3X), so first place will end up with 180 points (60×3=180), and last place will get 3 points. For the season, you would tally up all the points you earned. It’s up to each team to decide which event, and how many, they want to participate in.

Here’s an example scenario for team participation and how many points they might collect during the season:

EventMultiplierTotal # of teams in your divisionPlace FinishedPoints Earned (within the division)
Total Points
TransPacific Volleyball Championships3x605 of 6056 pts
(i.e. 1st=60, 2nd=59, 3rd=58, 4th=57, 5th=56 … 60th=1)
168 pts
(i.e. 56pts x 3X multiplier = 168 pts)
SPAM® Slam2x242 of 2423 pts
(i.e. 1st=24, 2nd=23, 3rd=22, 4th=21, 5th=20 … 24th=1)
46 pts
(i.e. 23pts x 2X multiplier = 46 pts)
Shave Ice Cup2x241 of 2424 pts
(i.e. 1st=24, 2nd=23, 3rd=22, 4th=21, 5th=20 … 24th=1)
48 pts
(i.e. 23pts x 2X multiplier = 46 pts)
Oceanic Open Championship3x3610 of 3627 pts
(i.e. 1st=36, 2nd=35, 3rd=34, 4th=32, 5th=31, … 10th=27, … 36th=1)
81 pts
(i.e. 27pts x 3X multiplier = 81 pts)
District/State Tournament at 808 Hale1x121 of 1212 pts12 pts
District/State Tournament at CJAC1x102 of 109 pts9 pts
Total364 pts
Sample Season Points Calculation

At the end of the season, the Top 8 Teams with the highest number of points in each division will be invited to participate in the Hawaii Club Volleyball Championship to crown the BEST club team in Hawaii.

*Winning teams in age divisions with 16 or more teams (girls) or 12 or more teams (boys) will receive a free entry fee. In divisions with less than 16 teams (girls) or 12 teams (boys), the entry fee will be discounted.

All teams must register for the event by the appropriate deadline. These events are open to any team, no qualifying required. For complete rules and guidelines for Super Regional or Grand Prix events, please visit www.aauvolleyball.org.

AAU Membership Guidelines:

  • This event is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc.
  • All participants must have current AAU membership numbers before competition begins (pending status is not acceptable). Visit www.aauvolleyball.org to obtain membership (club, non-athlete and athlete membership required).
  • Membership is not included in the event entry fee.
  • BE PREPARED: Adult and Non-Athlete memberships are no longer instant and cannot be applied for at the event. Please allow up to 10 days for membership to be processed.